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We’ll help you design and build your dream large-scale renovation from start to finish and work closely with you to bring your vision to life!
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Large Scale home improvements

When moving to a new home isn’t feasible, large-scale improvements and home remodeling offer a great alternative. Whether you cherish your current location or want to customize your space, we’ve got you covered. Our team specializes in transforming multiple rooms to create your dream home.
With a larger home remodeling project, you may feel overwhelmed with where to start, and how to marry your vision with your existing home: we’ve got you covered, we’ll help you design and build your dream large scale home renovation from start to finish and work closely with you to bring your vision to life!

Contact us today for a top quality and worry-free large scale home renovation experience in Nashville.

Why whole house remodeling?

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When moving to a new home isn’t feasible or desirable, large-scale home remodeling offers a great alternative. 
  1. Home improvement increase home value while being Less expensive than buying or building a new house with the high interest rates.
  2. Improve your home’s functionality: from opening up floor plans to adding new features like a master en suite, relocating the laundry room, repurpose existing rooms or providing additional living spaces.
  3. Personalize and modernize your home to your liking and style.
  4. Seamless process: large scale home improvements can be stressful but we will take care of everything in an efficient way and remove all worry and guess work from the process.

our Whole home improvement services

Every project is unique and we’ll work with you to create a custom quote. Below are some of the common services we provide as part of whole house remodeling.
  • Open up your home with an airy, open floor plan.
  • Create a kitchen layout with a large island.
  • Bathroom remodeling and layout change.
  • Make a versatile home office that doubles as a guest room.
  • Install a fireplace for cozy warmth.
  • Add built-in and closets.
  • Add Integrated lighting.
  • Finish the attic and the basement.
  • Multi-room design.
  • Cabinets Replacement and Installation.

  • Floor to Ceiling Cabinets Installation.

  • Setting Kitchen Tiles and Backsplash.
  • Flooring replacement.
  • Custom capentry.
  • Add extra windows.
  • Electricals/Plumbing.
  • Lighting & Paint.

Our home improvement services are tailored to your needs and budget

Kitchen remodel project in Nashville by Tura Renovation contracting

Amazing craftsmanship, simplified

We have 20+ of remodeling experience and we love our work. We are dedicated to ensure every detail aligns with your vision. Our in-house expertise ensures commitment to top-notch quality control and craftsmanship and we offer industry leading 3 years warranty.

Reimagine your home and increase its value

We offer streamlined all included renovation process for a budget conscious price. Our quality material and best in class craftsmanship will increase your home’s value.
Kitchen Remodel
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Hassle-free experience from start to finish

Streamlined process saving you time and stress. We take care of everything: design assistance, permitting, demolition, site-work, cleaning etc. We know renovation can cause disruption in daily life and our goal is to minimize it: our work is on time and on budget. 

Transparency & trust

We are completely transparent on the renovation process and we will go extra mile to answer your questions in detail, and explain any issues that arise. Ensuring you have complete satisfaction and understanding.
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Fair pricing

We are upfront and transparent in our pricing and our home improvement pricing includes everything. No extra fees for cleaning/demolition: most contractors adds an average of $2000-$5000 of demo/cleaning fees.

We always include in our prices







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Our Remodeling & Home Improvement Services Are Tailored to Your Needs and Budget

Home Addition Building Contractor in Nashville

Home Addition Building Contractor in Nashville

You need more space? We’ve got you covered with our streamlined process – from permits to construction.

Best Nashville Tile Contractor | Tile Installation, Fitting

Best Nashville Tile Contractor | Tile Installation, Fitting

We offer amazing quality specialized tile work for kitchen backsplash, bathroom, floor and more!

Whole Home Remodeling and Improvement in Nashville

Whole Home Remodeling and Improvement in Nashville

Large scale home remodeling and improvement can be intimidating but we’ll make the process easy from start to finish.

Best Kitchen Remodeling & Renovation Contractor in Nashville

Best Kitchen Remodeling & Renovation Contractor in Nashville

We’ll make your dream kitchen vision come true – with the functionality and style you always wanted.

Best Basement Finishing & Remodeling Contractor in Nashville

Best Basement Finishing & Remodeling Contractor in Nashville

We’ll finish your basement so you can have extra space for your family: guest room, play room, office and more!

Best Nashville Bathroom Remodeling & Bath Renovation Service

Best Nashville Bathroom Remodeling & Bath Renovation Service

Update your bathroom to elevate your mood! We will brainstorm and build beautiful bathroom to fit your style and needs.

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Our Process Makes It Easy


Book your FREE ESTIMATE. We Answer under 24 hours.



We provide honest + accurate estimate for your kitchen renovation.



We help you design and maximize your budget for your remodeling.



We take care of sourcing, permitting, scheduling and on site prep.



Our craftsmen take care of everything from demolition to the last details.



Final visit and Quality control. Enjoy your beautiful home with our warranty!


reliable, quality work that fits your budget

Amazing Craftsmanship

Transparent & Honest

All Included Process

All Included Prices

Reliable & Clean

Industry Leading Warranty

What our clients are saying

Our clients rave about their experiences working with us because we always strive for perfection, but don’t take our word for it:
Katherine S.
Katherine S.
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The team was always on site to manage and resolve issue when arise. Extremely pleasant, always punctual and cleans up! We liked that they were neat, efficient and professional as expected!
Thomas M.
Thomas M.
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We were the most happy with the workers sent here. Attention to detail, guidance in making selection. They were very detail oriented and would take time to make things right. Matt is amazing. We used them for our kitchen renovation and will hire them again for our incoming bathrooms renovation.
Carolyn Wooden
Carolyn Wooden
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We just wanted to thank you again for a job well done at our house. Our kitchen looks beautiful and our friend tell us so. The tradesmen are great and courteous. Matt helped us select amazing tiles and countertop for a great price and the craftsmanship is impecable! We are also happy everything was done on budget and on time as promised.
Norma G.
Norma G.
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Should any problem arise, they're always quick to make sure it's resolved. Lots of clear and patient explanations, which was so nice and took a lot of stress out of our project. I loved Tura's transparency when it came to choice, prices, and build time. They helped us a ton with choosing an amazing design that stayed within our budget. And they have such great quality work and attention to detail.

Areas We Serve

Tura Renovation home contractors proudly serve the Nashville, Middle TN area with our home remodeling services. If you don’t see your area’s name please contact us! Call Us Today!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a quote from you
Use the contact form on our website to tell us about your project or call us directly. We'll come back to you in less than 24 hours to schedule a free estimate.
When can we begin, what is your wait time?
Our availability can fluctuate throughout the year but our wait is usually 2-4 months, please use the contact form or call us to know more!
How much time does it take for a whole home renovation??
2-4 months once we are set on the design and received all the material. The time depends on the size of the space and the scope of work: if it's a gut renovation (moving walls, plumbings etc) or a pull and replace (changing cabinets, adding flooring).
What's included in your service?

1- We offer full hassle free all included renovation. Our price includes all material + labor (from design to demo, site set-up, procurement, site work and management, cleaning and more). No hidden cost!

2- Instead of juggling multiple contacts between designer, sub-contractors and struggling with coordination, not knowing if your sub will show up or if the quality control is well done, you have a single source of accountability and trust.

3- Our streamlined process saves time and gets better results:
  • Better teamwork, communication, efficiency.
  • Better quality control.
  • Better communication with our clients.
  • Better organization & scheduling: 90% of our project are on time and on budget (minus change due to unexpected situations: liking finding dangerous electricals behind dry-wall that needs to be fully redone OR homeowner wanting to change the design in the middle of the renovation).
What's included in your price?
We include both labor + materials in our price for every step of the renovation process: from design to permitting, to every little detail in between. We even include final cleaning.
There is no hidden cost or fees like with other contractors: for cleaning/demolition for example: most contractors adds an average of $2000-$5000 of demo/cleaning fees.
We make sure your remodeling experience is stress-free and hassle free for you.
Are you expensive with everything that you offer?
We are not the cheapest, but we are far from being expensive and we offer a fair price for the craftsmanship, warranty and white glove service we offer!
We strive to offer the best value to our client:
Our prices are on average 15-35% cheaper than general design-build firms & GC in Nashville, Middle TN according to Zonda survey https://www.remodeling.hw.net/cost-vs-value/2023/ 
We save on cost with our streamlined process, our in-house craftsmen (saving the GC markup on sub-contractors) and by choosing to not have a showroom. We meet our clients in the comfort of their houses for our design service. Saving them the trip as well!
We don't cut corner. Our employees and the quality of our work are the core of what's important for us. 

We don't save cost on craftsmanship: we offer competitive compensation, insurance, perks and training to our employees.

We don't save on time: we will do extra free time to make every single detail perfect.

We don't save on hidden cost: our prices are all included.
Learn more about our prices on the Gallery page (with pricing examples) and on our Bathroom Prices Page and Kitchen Price Page.

Tell us about your project!

We are ready to work on your renovation project. Just answer a few questions to help us understand your project and we’ll handle it from there.