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About us

When can we begin, what is your wait time?
Our renovation availability can fluctuate throughout the year. Usually the wait time before starting a project is 2-4 months. Contact + call us to know more!
How do I get a quote from you?
Use the contact form on our website to tell us about your remodeling project or call us directly. We'll schedule a follow-up meeting in less than 24 hours. 
Is there a fee for the initial consultation?
No, our initial renovation consultation and estimate is entirely free.
What areas do you serve?
We serve Nashville, TN + adjacent suburbs: Brentwood, Franklin, Thompson Station, Nolensville, Mt Juliet, Hendersonville, Antioche, La Vergne, Mufreesboro, Gallatin, Lebanon, Fairview, Kingston springs and more. You can contact us or call us to enquire if you don't see your city!
Who are you for?
We are for you if you looking for:
  • Easy, no stress renovation process -with all included price and process from your vision to reality.
  • Amazing craftsmanship and warranty.
  • Team you can trust with communication and to take well care of your house.
  • Transparency on process, price and cost.
What are the most common projects you help people with?
  • Interior renovation:
We are specialized in all-included kitchen, bathroom and interior renovation. From small renovation (replacing cabinets + tiles) to full fledge gut renovation.
We update and modernize lots of 80s and 90s builder-grade kitchens and bathrooms (common in Nashville suburban areas).
We are also specialize in beginning of the century to 60s older cottage homes (common in East Nashville & Downtown Nashville), which present its unique challenges: older plumbing, preserving craftsman details etc.
  • Specialized work:
We offer specialized tiling + cabinetry installation with our outstanding craftsmen.
We specialize in tiling bathroom, backsplashes, fireplaces + entrances.
We also install semi-custom kitchen. Usually with IKEA boxes/inside of the cabinets and custom-made door with semi-handmade or another company. Giving your kitchen the "floor to ceiling" build-in look for half the price of a custom kitchen.
  • New build and ADU:
We manage whole-fledge home extension or renovation with an architect.
We also work with builders for new custom or spec homes.

Contact us with your project!

Do you install ADA compliant bathroom?
Yes we do! We install beautiful, long lasting ADA compliant bathroom! We work with any brands so you can get the exact design you dream of - that fits your budget.
Do you have references or testimonials?
Yes! We have testimonials listed here on our website from our local Nashville clients. If you'd like more referrals, please let us know and we'll do our best to make sure you have the confidence you need to hire us for your home!
Below are a few things our clients said about us:
  • Listen and answer all of our questions.
  • Makes the process easy, communicates well.
  • Takes care of everything.
  • Handles issues quickly with satisfying solutions.
  • On time, on schedule and respectful.
  • Clean and careful about pets.
  • Set clear expectation and delivers in promised time.

What makes us different

What is in your all included service?
We offer full white glove - all included renovation services. Our price includes all material + labor (from design to demo, site set-up, procurement, site work and management, cleaning and more), bringing your vision to reality.
What is your streamlined process?
Our remodeling team is 80% in house for the most craft-intensive work like tiling or millwork. Instead of juggling multiple contacts between designer, sub-contractors and then driving all over town to visit various showrooms and struggling with coordination, no knowing if your sub will show up, you have a single source of accountability and trust for your home remodeling project.
Our streamlined process saves time and gets better results:
  • Better teamwork, communication, efficiency.
  • Better organization & scheduling: we are on time and on budget.
  • Better quality control.
  • Better experience. The person overseeing the construction phase contributes their specialized knowledge and insight during design phase, which ensures that what is put on paper is what gets built.
  • Better warranty: we offer industry leading warranty in middle TN.
  • 90% of our project are on time and on budget (minus change due to unexpected situations: like finding dangerous electricals behind dry-wall that needs to be fully redone OR homeowner wanting to change the design in the middle of the renovation).
Can I trust you?
We are committed to transparency and honesty:
  • We don't limit on material selection - unlike other remodeling contractors who make up to 2x markups working with limited suppliers. We will work with all suppliers and find the best fit for your budget.
  • We don't add extra hidden costs like demolition or cleaning.
  • We provide clear, daily, efficient communication throughout your renovation project. You will always be well-informed about the progress of your renovation and what lies ahead.
  • We go the extra mile to educate and explain if any issue arises, ensuring you have complete understanding. Multiple solutions are presented whenever possible, allowing you to make informed decisions.

Read more about us here.

Why choose you? What makes your team different?
Or head tradesman Matthew - who will be on-site everyday -  has 20 years of experience in both trades (as a tiler + cabinet/millworker) and as site manager for new-build custom houses in high-end coastal CA (Huntington beach, Laguna, OC) and locally in Nashville .
He has the rare combination of being an exceptional craftsman, combined with being a detail oriented and organized project manager. He will make sure every step of the remodeling process is well managed. He is also friendly and loves to answer any of our clients questions!
Read more about who we are here and why choose us here.
Why should we use you instead of a 24hours bath re-liner or panel installer?
Bath-fitters & bath re-liners will install plastic or acrylic panels instead of tiles, promising to finish the work in one day. But it's expensive AND it doesn't give any value or esthetics to the house. The choice of product is also very limited. We work with unlimited selection of amazing tiling materials : marble, ceramic tiles, porcelain... and your bathroom will look great (Pinterest worthy!), feel great (touching your hand-made ceramic tiles!) and be functional (our tiler has 20+ year of experience and is specialized in detailed, craftsmen job!).
For a similar cost than bath re-liners, you will be able to get a much better value with our tiling & bathroom remodeling services: for your daily use and when you will sell your house (tiled bathroom will help the house sell for more). Tiles are worthy long term investment, making your house beautiful.
What makes you different from other contractors?
We intentionally put lots of efforts to offer "better" services and remodeling experience than other Nashville contractors. Providing our clients with easy process + amazing craftsmanship.
We offer predictable, planned step by step process to avoid setbacks, re-designs and budget overruns.
  • All included fair price (we include all labor and all materials) with no hidden fees. Most contractors will add "extras" for demolition, materials, cleaning, and even dry wall installation!
  • All included remodeling process - design, material, procurement, permitting, demo, on-site, cleaning and more. No worries and no stress. Most renovation projects consist in trying to jungle a designer + a general contract + 6-7 subs. We are an all in one team - and we offer better value, easier scheduling, better quality control, and one point of contact!
  • Transparent and trustworthy. We will always be upfront with you and do our best to solve problems that arise and answer in detail to any question you may have. We will be on site every day & we will keep your house clean and protected. Most contractors jungle multiple subs who will come to your house whenever they want without a code of conduct, if they even show up.
  • 20+ years of experience. Industry leading warranty. We are not amateurs, we know exactly what we do down to the last detail. Most contractors jungle 6-7 subs, we are 80% in house craftsmen and we offer an un-matched level of eye to detail and quality control.
  • You are our priority! Lots of contractors will bid multiple jobs, taking smaller jobs as "filler jobs" between bigger remodeling sites. So they will send their best sub teams to bigger projects while smaller bathroom or kitchen renovation projects will get sub-par teams. Since your project will be low priority, it can take up to a year to complete it, while you live in a house without a kitchen or a bath. We are focused on you, and we schedule all the renovation work efficiently with our team of expert craftsmen.
  • Some general contractors will hire cheap subs with quality and behavior issues and some managers won't be qualified enough to know if the sub did a good work or not. Our on site manager is the lead craftsmanship and he will do throughout quality control.
  • We stand by our work and we offer the best warranty in Nashville which is a 3 years craftsmanship warranty.

Read more about what we have to offer and why choose us here.

What makes you different from design build firms?
We offer the same in house remodeling design consultation + permitting service, the only difference is that we don't have an in-house architect.
But 85% of renovation project don't need an architect, we have less overhead and you will save money - we are up to 35% cheaper than Design-build firms.
For the 15% remaining extensive renovation case or new building, we work very well with our clients architect and we can recommend an architect as well.
Read more about who we are here and why choose us here.
What makes you different from handymen?
Local Nashville handymen are amazing for repairs, but you will want to hire a professional remodeling contractor for renovation.
  • We are fully qualified in every specialized trades required for home renovation.
  • We are on site every day, you can trust us for daily communication & keeping your house clean. While a handyman may show-up wherever they can and fit your renovation between other jobs (repairs are more profitable hourly).
  • We do strict quality control, while a handyman who is not a specialized tradesman won't know all the details and intricacy that goes into a home renovation.
  • We know how to solve issues when they arise while an amateur don't.
  • A handyman is also more likely to cut corner - especially when they are cheap. They will make better hourly pay if they spend less time on a job. We will never cut corner. As a fact, we often work free extra hours to get the last detail perfect! We love our work and we are committed to perfection.
We do lots of repairs for badly done renovation work. Installing a bathtub or shower requires detailed knowledge about drainage, slope, and sealing to avoid costly damage and tile installation is very technical. Any error can lead to mold, tiles falling out or being cracked or very expensive plumbing/water damage and costly repair or inspection issues when reselling the house.
You also don’t want anything showing up on inspection. The minute a buyer finds out about a shoddy job or something costly needing repairs, that nice fat offer you got will be undercut at inspection. Our bathroom comes with industry leading warranty and will last a very long time. You will have your bathroom or kitchen done once, and done right. You won't be wasting money and time trying to fix badly done renovation.
Last word of advice don't hire cheap: you just never know who will actually be working in your house. Plenty of unintended bad work can be hidden in the walls of a house, and you won't know until there is a disaster (fire, flood, etc).
Read more about who we are here and why choose us here.

Bid and Price

How much time does it take to renovate my kitchen or bathroom?
2-6 weeks once we are set on the design and received all the material. The time depends on the size of the space and the scope of work: if it's a gut renovation (moving walls, plumbings etc) or a pull and replace (changing vanity, adding tiles).
Do you offer design assistance or consultation?
Yes! We provide free renovation design assistance and we will also help you choose materials.
What's included in your price?
We include both labor + materials in our price for every step of the renovation process: from design to permitting, to every little detail in between. We even include final cleaning.
We make sure your remodeling experience is stress-free and hassle free for you. There is no hidden cost or fees like with other contractors: for cleaning/demolition for example: most contractors adds an average of $2000-$5000 of demo/cleaning fees.
What's not included in your price?
We don't include architect fees in our remodeling prices. If you work requires an architect - 85% of permitted work don't require an architect - we will be working with your architect, we can also recommend an architect.
Is you price labor only or it includes material?
Our remodeling price includes both all labor + all materials.
Do you work with a limited budget?
YES! It's our speciality to help our client design + source the best materials within their budget. We work with every existing supplier - unlike most designer/contractors who only work with shops and suppliers they make a markup on. You can be sure you'll get the best price and deal with us.
Are you expensive with everything that you offer?
We are not the cheapest, but we are far from being expensive and we offer a fair price for the craftsmanship, warranty and white glove service we offer!
We strive to offer the best value to our client:
Our prices are on average 15-35% cheaper than general design-build firms & GC in Nashville Middle TN according to Zonda survey 
  • We don't have an in house architect (see question above) BUT you won't need an architect for 85% of work, and we work very well with our clients' architect. We can recommend an architect if necessary.
  • We also save cost by choosing to not have a showroom. We meet our clients in the comfort of their houses and online for our design service. Saving them the trip as well!
  • We have in-house craftsmen for the most craft-intense sub-works like millwork and tiling work, saving the markup GC will make on sub-contractors (and guaranteeing you amazing quality from our in-house expert tradesmen!).
Our employees and the quality of our remodeling work are the core of what's important for us and we will never cut corner:
  • We don't save cost on craftsmanship: we offer competitive compensation, insurance, perks and training to our employees.
  • We don't save on time: we will do extra free time to make every single detail perfect, keep your house clean and well protected. We will go extra mile to keep you up to date and give in depth answer to any question that arise. We are fully dedicated to our clients.
  • We don't save on quality: we only use materials we trust.
  • We don't save on hidden cost: our prices are all included.

Read more about our kitchen prices here and our bathroom price here. The Gallery also give prices for our past projects!

How much will my bathroom renovation cost?
According Zonda survey of remodeling industry for 2023 bath remodel costs between $24606 for a midrange remodeling to $76827 for an upscale bath remodeling.
  • Below are a range of price from our past work in the last 3 years. Prices includes everything: labor + all materials: we are fairly priced for all the service we offer.
Washroom: $5000 - $12000
Small bathroom: $7000 - $18000
Medium bathroom: $15000 - $30000
Large bathroom: $20000 - $45000
  • Cost vary depending on the scope of work (do we have to move plumbings, walls? Do we need to change the tube? Are we tiling a full wall, a half wall or do we use paint?), the size of the space (small bathroom vs master bathroom) and the materials selected (semi-custom cabinets vs big-box store cabinets).
The best way to know for sure is to contact us for a free estimate! Our expert remodeling contractors have the tools, skills and knowledge to accurately access and estimate your project!
How much will my kitchen renovation cost?
According Zonda survey of remodeling industry for 2023 Kitchen remodeling costs between $77939 for a midrange remodeling and 154483 for a upscale remodeling.
  • Below are a range of price from our past work in the last 3 years. Prices includes everything: labor + all materials: we are fairly priced for all the service we offer.
Small kitchen: $15000 - $25000
Medium kitchen: $22000 - $45000
Large kitchen: $30000 - $65000
  • Cost vary depending on the scope of work (do we have to move plumbings, walls? Do we need to change the layout?), the size of the space (small kitchen vs big kitchen with island) and the materials selected (semi-custom floor to ceiling cabinets vs big-box store cabinets).
The best way to know for sure is to contact us for a free estimate! Our expert remodeling contractors have the tools, skills and knowledge to accurately access and estimate your project!
Is bathroom or kitchen renovation worth it for resale value?
Or expert tradesmen will make sure your renovation look great using quality material that last. A custom, high-quality renovation work with a professional renovator and beautiful materials will impress your buyers and add value when you sale your house.
And by hiring our expert craftsmanship you can trust your house will easily pass the inspection during resale. We also offer fair pricing for everything we offer so you will get the best bang for your bucks!
Can you help me flip my investment property for a better ROI at reselling?
Sure, we would love to! For the quality of work, our value is unmatched. For example, one of our past client spent $50000 renovating 2 bathrooms with us and sold for over $75000 the original listed price - with $25000 of net gain.
We can give specific recommendations for popular design + material with good value to get the best from your property. We offer great craftsmanship that will impress your clients, fair prices and we are on time and on budget.
How do payments work?
Upon approval of our bid, we'll collect a deposit to order materials and secure a spot in our project calendar. We generally do mid-term installments and the remaining balance upon completion of the project. Change orders typically billed as they occur or at the next scheduled installment date to limit confusion and maximize efficiency.


What kind of design assistance do you offer?
What we offer:
  • Recommendation for functionality and layout. 
  • Technical remodeling recommendation (moving walls, plumbing etc.)
  • Recommendation for materials and products within your budget and matching your style.
If you already have an idea of what you want, we can help your find the best value material, design a functional layout and make sure it fits your budget and the site specifications. Our speciality is to meet our clients where they are and make the best of their budget.
What we don't offer:
We don't offer in depth 1:1 bespoke design service (which is usually 50+ billable hours and span over months). We can recommend independent designers for this service. 90% of our clients are very happy with our design assistance and we work well with the remaining 10% who hire their own designer.
Will you work with my designer/supplier I already have?
Yes, of course, we will work with your designer & supplier - we work very well with both!
What do I choose and what I don't choose?
Following remodeling industry standards:
We provide all rough materials such as drywall, paint, recess lights, switches, baseboard, plumbing & electrical fixtures, millwork, grout and all material used to install finished materials such as tiles. As it's easier for us to source those rough materials as contractor.
Our clients will choose the vanity, countertops, tiles, fixtures, floors, decorative light, faucets, sink, backsplashes, appliances and all decorative elements.
This is of course indicative and not set in stone!
Do I need to hire an architect?
What we offer: We have the knowledge, experience and tools to plan and execute all aspect of 85% of remodeling projects. Including asking for permitting, zoning requirement knowledge and on site knowledge (moving plumbing/no-structural walls).
What we don't offer: For the remaining 15% of more complex project, like structural remodeling and ADU/Home extension you may require the help of an architect. We work very well with our clients architect and we can recommend architects as well.
What about my budget?
We will do our best to help your source the materials within your renovation budget. There is no limit of shops we work with - unlike some designers who bring their clients to shops where they can markup on products. So we are pretty confident we will find good value products for our clients.


Do I need a permit?
It depends, most of the remodeling work that needs to be done in the bathroom or kitchen like changing your cabinets, countertops, or faucets doesn't require a permit. However for moving a wall or making drastic plumbing change you might need a permit.
Do you take care of permitting?
Yes, we take care of permitting! The cost is included in your bid and price, so no surprise. We take care of the entire remodeling project from start to finish with minimal hassle for you, and as part of that, we help take care of any necessary permits where applicable.
Who sources the material?
We usually source the material since we have software managing procurement making the process easier, but sometimes our client buy the material by themselves, which is totally fine too!
We also avoid unexpected price hike since we source the material as soon as the material payment deposit is made.
Where do you source the material?
We source the material in shops we agreed upon with our client during our design phase.
Can I choose any product from any shop?
You have the freedom to choose and supply your own material sources without pressure from us.
Who stores the material?
Our client store the materials, which is more convenient and already on site.
What if I already bought the material?
We would be glad to work with your materials. We will do quality check + measurement on the material to make sure everything fits the specifications. 


Who is managing my project, will you be on site everyday?
Our head tradesman Matthew will be on site everyday to manage your renovation project. Lots of "project managers" with construction companies are not tradesmen and know little of on site complexity of renovation. Matthew has 20+ years of experience as both craftsman (tiling + millwork/cabinetry) and manager for construction projects.
He is patient, friendly and will answer all your questions and any concern. He will also oversee every part of the remodeling project! Like demo, plumbing rough-ins, cabinet installation, tile installation. Our clients all speak highly of him.
Can I renovate in multiple phases, for example bathroom first and then the kitchen a few months down the line?
Yes, of course! We will accommodate your schedule.
How should I prepare my house?
We will give you instructions to prepare your house for renovation (mainly moving the furniture out of the way) and we will take care of the rest (putting all necessary protection + place a dumpster if necessary). We pride ourselves in taking good care of our clients houses.
We'll be sure to let you know ahead of time what exactly you need to prepare for us to complete your specific project.
How do I communicate with you?
You can communicate with our head tradesman Matthew who will be on site every day, you can also text/call us during the day, we answer quickly!
He will let you know what to expect and what's going on at all time.
Can you walk me through the full renovation process?
A full gut renovation involve a large set of skills and actions. Our work may include but is not limited to:
Pre-production work:
  • Design.
  • Procurement.
  • Scheduling.
  • Permitting.
  • Prep the home.
  • Demo.
Production work:
  • Site protection.
  • Demo.
  • Carting.
  • Rough in plumbing and electrics.
  • Vanity + carpentry.
  • Windows + door framing.
  • Framing.
  • Levelling.
  • Close up walls.
  • Tile.
  • Stone.
  • Glass.
  • Prep.
  • Paint.
  • Trim.
  • Final inspection/cleaning.
Craftsmen and trades involved and all the skilled labor we will manage to make the process as seamless as possible and hassle-free for you:
  • Designer.
  • Permitter.
  • Demolisher.
  • Carpenter.
  • Plumber.
  • Electrician.
  • Tile setter.
  • Cabinet installer.
  • Counter top installer.
  • Drywall setter.
  • Painter.

Read more about our process here

home care

Will you take good care of my house?
Yes! We will put all the protections on your house + clean it everyday.
How will you protect the rest of my home?
We install dust containment walls or chambers prior to demolition + commercial HEPPA air scrubber within the demolition area. We also cover the flooring of the area of the project with a heavy duty protection.
Can I live in my house during renovation?
Yes you can - we will happily work with you to make sure your situation is as comfortable as possible.
Am I required to be home during the entire remodeling process?
No, many of our clients request the installation of a lockbox at their home or give us one set of keys to allow for our personnel to enter/leave during formal working hours. You can trust us to take good care of your home.
Will my pet be okay?
Yes! We may ask you to put your pet away (usually in the bathroom that's not being redone) for a few hours for some remodeling work, but your pet will be fine 95% of the time.
We will make sure to not let your pet out and to close the door if necessary.
Do you offer warranty?
Yes we offer industry leading 3 years labor warranty. We will also do a complete check and walk-out once the project is finished. We answer quickly to warranty requests.
We are here for you in the long term and you can trust the quality of our renovation work to last.

reliable, quality remodeling work that fits your budget

Amazing Craftsmanship

Transparent & Honest

All Included Process

All Included Prices

Reliable & Clean

Industry Leading Warranty

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