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    Best Nashville Kitchen Remodeling Contractor

    We specialized in Full Kitchen Remods & Kitchen Makeover, Kitchen Island Installation, Kitchen Cabinets Installation or Cabinets Refacing, Backsplash & Tiles, Kitchen Extensions/Additions in Nashville, TN. We are committed to give the BEST renovation experience to every client, no matter the scope or the budget. Our kitchen renovation services prices range from $10k Kitchen Facelift/Half Kitchen Renovation to $60k+ Luxury Kitchen Remodel. Our Cabinets & Backsplash work begins at $2k+ Contact us for a FREE Detailed Written Bid!


    Trust & Honesty

    If you’re like most homeowners, you’ve probably dealt with an unreliable or shady contractor in the past. But when you choose Tura, you’ll receive consistent communication, honest pricing and punctual service.

    20+ Year of Experience

    We are specialized in our trades. We knows all the ins and out of home remodeling and we are well-equipped to solve any issue that arise. We don't cut corner under any circumstances.

    Fair & Value Pricing

    Our mostly in-house craftsmen team + sale through past clients referrals (vs paying extra cut for sales & sub-teams) allows us to offer Value Pricing without sacrificing quality!

    everything is included in our prices

    All included expert Kitchen Remodeling services - we include design, demo, permit, materials, labor! No surprises or hidden fees!







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    How Much it costs to remodel your kitchen?

    Check Out Our Detailed Pricing Guides for Nashville, TN Kitchen Remodeling Costs

    kitchen Remodeling cost with Tura Renovation

    All included kitchen renovation prices

    Design, material selection and permit.
    All construction materials.
    All cleaning and on site protection.
    All labor, daily communication and project management.
    In depth quality check and industry leading warranty.

    Kitchen Renovation cost Examples

    Every project is unique and we will work with you to create a custom quote for your kitchen remodeling project, but below are example of price for our Nashville, TN, tn kitchen remodeling services in 2024.
    00 Nashville kitchen remodeling 1
    small-range remodel

    $10K - $25k

    With this type of budget we usually provide a facelift or “pull and replace” renovation service. We will reface existing cabinets, change countertops, add beautiful backsplash, trims and change the sink + faucet.
    00 Custom kitchen cabinets Nashville installation
    Mid-range remodel

    $20K - $45k

    With this type of budget we usually provide a more extended kitchen update and remodeling with additional services: extensive plumbing and electrical work, layout change, new shaker cabinets and more!
    00 kitchen floor remodel nashville brentwood tn
    expanded remodel

    $35K - $60k+

    This budget often includes structural changes, adding an island, relocating appliances. It can also include premium cabinets. This budget provides lots of options with high-end materials for your kitchen remodel!

    Why choose Us

    Discover our way of makeover your kitchen with craftsmanship and what makes us different!


    Our story

    Matthew our general manager + head craftsman has 20+ years of experience in both trades (he is an expert tiler + millworker!) and construction project management (ranging from kitchen renovation to multi-million dollars new houses).
    Matthew worked for raving clients in Laguna Beach & LA/OC areas before moving to Nashville to be closer to his family. He is now happily serving the greater Nashville, TN community.
    He is very organized and detailed oriented, you will find him spending extra time to make everything perfect. He will keep your house sparkling clean & your renovation process running smoothly with the skilled craftsmen in our remodeling teams.
    He also knows all the ins and out of nath remodeling and how to manage budget,  timeline and communication effectively. He loves to answer clients’ questions & share his passion for his work!

    Tura Renovation vs Independent contractors/Handymen

    Independent Contractors/Handymen

    The Tura Way

    • All-inclusive remodeling process and price. Including design, permitting, procurement, on-site work, and management - all under one roof.
    • Hassle-free and easy experience for the homeowner.
    • Qualified craftsmen in every trade.
    • Strict quality control.
    • Never cuts corner.
    • On site and easy communication everyday.
    • Fair and transparent pricing.
    • On time and on budget.
    • Industry leading warranty.
    • Quality craftmanship that passes all inspections when its time to sell.

    Words of advice about hiring an independent contractor or handyman

    Independent contractors or Handymen could be an option if you have plenty of time, knows about renovation and wants to save a little bit of money for your home remodeling.

    We recommend you vet your handyman/independent contractor extensively. Because it could cost you much more in time and money to repair a badly done work. And you could be without your bathroom for half a year if your handyman is untrustworthy and leaves without finishing.
    For example, installing a bathtub or shower requires detailed knowledge about drainage, slope, and sealing to avoid costly damage and tile installation is very technical. Any error can lead to mold, tiles falling out or being cracked or very expensive plumbing/water damage and costly repair or inspection issues when reselling the house. You also don’t want anything showing up on inspection. The minute a buyer finds out about a shoddy job or something costly needing repairs, that nice offer you got will be undercut at inspection.
    You will have your bathroom or kitchen done once, and done right. You won’t be wasting money and time trying to fix badly done renovation.
    Last work of advice don’t hire cheap: you never know who will actually be working in your house. Plenty of unintended bad work can be hidden in the walls of a house, and you won’t know until there is a disaster (fire is the most common, but also flood, mold etc). And we’ve discovered and repaired some really bad and dangerous work done by amateur contractors or handymen.

    Tura Renovation vs Contracting and Design-build firms

    Traditional design-build Remodeling companies

    The Tura Way

    • Amazing craftsmanship.
    • All-inclusive remodeling process.
    • Reliable, trustworthy, easy communication and clean worksite.
    • Most trades under one roof: Saving time & cost, leading to better teamwork and efficiency.
    • Saves cost by coming to you vs having a showroom.
    • No oversell.
    • Fair price, great value.

    All included white glove remodeling experience for a value price

    We will save you renovation cost at each step

    why choose us

    Have friends looking for a remodeling contractor in Nashville, tn? Refer Them & get $ Rewards!


    $75 for $2k-$10k Referral or Repeat Business Spending


    $150 for $10k-$25k Referral or Repeat Business Spending


    $300 for $25k-$45k Referral or Repeat Business Spending


    $600 for $45k+ Referral or Repeat Business Spending

    FAQ for Nashville Kitchen Renovation

    Kitchen Remodel
    How do I get a quote from you
    Use the contact form on our website to tell us about your project or call us directly.  We'll come back to you in less than 24 hours to schedule a free estimate.
    When can we begin, what is your wait time?
    Our Nashville Kitchen remodeling availability can fluctuate throughout the year but our wait is usually 2-4 months, please use the contact form or call us to know more!
    How much time does it take to renovate my kitchen?
    2-6 weeks once we are set on the design and received all the material. The time depends on the size of the space and the scope of work: if it's a gut renovation (moving walls, plumbings etc) or a pull and replace (refacing cabinet doors, changing backsplash).
    Is kitchen renovation worth it for resale value?

    1- A custom, high-quality Nashville Kitchen renovation with our expert craftsmen specialized will impress your buyers and easily pass the inspections when you sell your house.

    2- For the quality of work, our price and value is unmatched. 

    3- Design is included in our price and we can give you recommendations for popular design + material with good value to get the best return when you sell your house.

    What's included in your renovation service?

    1- We offer full hassle free all included renovation. Our price includes all material + labor (from design to demo, site set-up, procurement, site work and management, cleaning and more). No hidden cost!

    2- Instead of juggling multiple contacts between designer, sub-contractors and struggling with coordination, not knowing if your sub will show up or if the quality control is well done, you have a single source of accountability and trust.

    3- Our streamlined process saves time and gets better results:
    • Better teamwork, communication, efficiency.
    • Better quality control.
    • Better communication with our clients.
    • Better organization & scheduling: 90% of our project are on time and on budget (minus change due to unexpected situations: liking finding dangerous electricals behind dry-wall that needs to be fully redone OR homeowner wanting to change the design in the middle of the renovation).

    Learn more about us here and our process here.

    What's included in your price?
    We include both labor + materials in our price for every step of the Nashville Kitchen renovation process: from design to permitting, to every little detail in between. We even include final cleaning.
    There is no hidden cost or fees like with other contractors: for cleaning/demolition for example: most contractors adds an average of $2000-$5000 of demo/cleaning fees.
    We make sure your remodeling experience is stress-free and hassle free for you.
    Do You Work With a Limited Budget?
    Yes! It's our speciality to help our client design + source the best materials within their all included budget.
    We also pride ourselves to give accurate bid + to be on time and on budget with our streamlined process. Our clients don't have to worry about over budgeting.
    Are you expensive with everything that you offer?
    We are not the cheapest, but we are far from being expensive and we offer a fair price for the craftsmanship, warranty and white glove service we offer in Nashville, TN!
    We strive to offer the best value to our client:
    Our prices are on average 15-35% cheaper than general design-build firms & GC in Nashville and Middle TN according to Zonda survey 
    We save on cost with our streamlined process, our in-house craftsmen (saving the GC markup on sub-contractors) and by choosing to not have a showroom. We meet our clients in the comfort of their houses for our design service. Saving them the trip as well!
    We don't cut corner. Our employees and the quality of our work are the core of what's important for us. 

    We don't save cost on craftsmanship: we offer competitive compensation, insurance, perks and training to our employees.

    We don't save on time: we will do extra free time to make every single detail perfect.

    We don't save on hidden cost: our prices are all included.

    Get your free detailed estimate for your kitchen remodel in Nashville, tn

    Fill out the contact form below or call us at  615-580-2909 | email us at [email protected] to get your free kitchen quote/estimate.

    We will come back at your quickly to set an appointement at your home and give you a FREE DETAILED WRITTEN BID. We will take time to talk with you, hear your needs and vision and answer any question you may have. We always strive to be the best Nashville kitchen remodeling contractor, trusted by our clients.

    Fill Out Our Contact Form

    1. Use the contact form to tell us about your kitchen, bathroom etc. remodeling project.
    2. We’ll get back to you in less than 24h to learn about your renovation project and answer any questions you may have.
    3. If it looks like we’re the right fit, we’ll schedule a FREE on-site consultation and draft a detailed Estimate.

    Learn about us + our process and how we can help

      What our clients are saying

      Our clients rave about their renovation experience working with us because we always strive for perfection, but don’t take our word for it:

      Katherine S.
      Katherine S.
      Read More
      The team was always on site to manage and resolve issue when arise. Extremely pleasant, always punctual and cleans up! We liked that they were neat, efficient and professional as expected!
      Thomas M.
      Thomas M.
      Read More
      We were the most happy with the workers sent here. Attention to detail, guidance in making selection. They were very detail oriented and would take time to make things right. Matt is amazing. We used them for our kitchen renovation and will hire them again for our incoming bathrooms renovation.
      Carolyn Wooden
      Carolyn Wooden
      Read More
      We just wanted to thank you again for a job well done at our house. Our kitchen looks beautiful and our friend tell us so. The tradesmen are great and courteous. Matt helped us select amazing tiles and countertop for a great price and the craftsmanship is impecable! We are also happy everything was done on budget and on time as promised.
      Norma G.
      Norma G.
      Read More
      Should any problem arise, they're always quick to make sure it's resolved. Lots of clear and patient explanations, which was so nice and took a lot of stress out of our project. I loved Tura's transparency when it came to choice, prices, and build time. They helped us a ton with choosing an amazing design that stayed within our budget. And they have such great quality work and attention to detail.

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      Tura Renovation home contractors proudly serve the Nashville, Middle TN area with our home remodeling services. If you don’t see your area’s name please contact us! Call Us Today!

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